General Information

Great Southwest Council Camping Services Contact Information:

Please contact Camping Services at the Great Southwest Council Scout Office with any questions regarding Gorham Scout Ranch and camping opportunities in the Great Southwest Council:

Great Southwest Council

Boy Scouts of America

5841 Office Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109


Contacting the Camp Directly:

Cell Phone Reception in Camp: Currently, the only mobile carriers that have consistent signal in camp are T- Mobile and Sprint. Those who have AT&T or Verizon as a mobile carrier will be able to get signal at the top of the hill at the main gate into camp. WiFi is available for those adults who need a connection to make a call or check e-mail.


Field uniforms (also known as “Class As”) are strongly encouraged by camp to be worn for the evening flag ceremonies and dinners. If the troop is performing the morning or evening flag ceremony, then it is required.

Registered Adults and Youth Protection Training

In compliance with National BSA standards, all adults in residence, including parents, are required to be registered members of Scouts, BSA. All adults in residence, including parents, are required to have valid Youth Protection Training and bring their certification to check-in. The training can be completed online at

Adult Leadership

We require “two-deep” adult leadership for all units. This is for protection of both the youth and adults in camp. Two adult leaders are required to be over 21 years old by the time the unit arrives. For units with female youth, one of the over 21 leaders must be female. For units trading out adults during the week, each unit must have 2 adults at all times. This means waiting until the replacement arrives and is checked in by the camp director before the second adult can leave. Units sharing leadership must have each chartering organization’s approval of those other adults. Sorry, but vehicles are not permitted to be driven into camp.

Damage to Camp and Facilities

Each unit is responsible for the equipment and campsites assigned to them. Each unit is responsible for all costs for repairs and/or replacement of damaged equipment. Charges will be based on the repair or replacement costs estimated by the camp ranger.

Sleeping Arrangements

According to BSA policy, youth and adults MUST sleep in separate tents. A parent may NOT share a tent with their child. Scouts may only tent with someone within a 24-month age gap. Scouts with an age gap larger than 2 years may NOT tent together.


Showers are segregated by gender and age (youth/adult). Shower times for males and females, youth and adults, will be posted at the Shower house. We ask that unit adults be present at the shower house during their unit’s scheduled times to provide supervision.

Calling the Camp:

505-502-0577 The camp telephone is primarily for the use as a business phone and for emergency calls. It is only in use during the summer camp season. Those who call the camp phone should note that the Scout or leader being called may be a considerable distance from a phone. A message will be taken for the Scout or Scout leader to return the call. Knowing the unit number, name of individual, and campsite they are staying in is very helpful when delivering a message. You can contact the Camp Ranger in an emergency at 505-819-3197.


Send an email to your camper while they are at camp! Send the message to the camp email address, with the Scout’s name and Troop number in the subject line. Messages will be printed and delivered within 24 hours. Please note, responses from your camper are not always possible. Memes are always a great hit.

Mail at Camp:

To send mail or packages to Gorham Scout Ranch, please use the following addresses. Mail is picked up from the PO Box on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  FedEx/UPS packages will be delivered directly to camp.

Gorham Scout Ranch

Scout’s Name

Troop #, Session #

344 Cerro Pinon Rd

PO Box 459

Chimayo, NM 87522-0459