Emergency Procedures

All Scouts and leaders attending Gorham Scout Ranch need to be prepared! Scouts and leaders must bring a daypack that is large enough to carry the “10 Essentials*” while in camp. The 10 Essentials should be carried at all times since you never know when the weather may change, or an emergency will occur. If an emergency occurs at camp (lockout, lockdown, evacuate area, or shelter) your day pack will most likely be the only thing you have or can bring. For this, all Scouts and leaders will be required to have their “10 Essentials” with them at all times.

*(Pocket Knife, First Aid Kit, Extra Clothing, Rain Gear, Water, Flashlight/headlamp, Trail food, Firestarter (matches), Sun Protection, Map/Compass)

In addition, adult leaders should also have in their daypack; their wallet, identification, cell phone/ charger, car keys, and their personal medications. The unit Scoutmaster should also include a unit roster in their daypack. It is the responsibility of the Troop’s adult leaders to ensure that everyone in their unit have the necessary equipment with them.

Minor Accidents and Emergencies:

Minor accidents may be treated as first aid in your campsite. When in doubt, check with the camp medic.

Major Accidents and Emergencies:

Please notify the camp medic and/or camp director immediately of all major accidents and emergencies. An incident report is required to be filled out by camp staff. Present all facts known. Do not make statements to any outsider and refer any inquiries from the press to the Council office.

Lost Camper:

Unit leaders should be aware of the approximate locations of all Scouts at all times. Periodic head counts are suggested. If a Scout is missing following a search of the camp site, notify the camp director immediately. Buddy systems are an important component of Gorham’s Youth Protection Program, Each camper should have a ‘buddy” and buddies should always travel together.

Emergencies Requiring Camp Mobilization:

Upon hearing sirens, the entire camp assembles in unit formation at the parking lot to receive instructions and updates. A fire drill will be conducted at noon on Monday, and the assembly will occur at the parking lot. Adults must carry their car keys at all times to help expedite evacuating the camp in an emergency.  Come prepared with your unit roster and ready to share your “Emergency Numbers”: people in your unit, number of vehicles at camp, number of seat belts.

Evacuation Rendezvous Point:

Pojoaque Supermarket

9 W Gutierrez, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Directions from Camp:

  • Head south on the main camp road (south gate) till you are off property.
  • Slight right onto County Rd. 123.
  • Continue for 4.6 miles.
  • Turn left onto NM 503 (the first paved road).
  • After 8.9 miles, use the left two lanes to turn left onto US-84 E/US Hwy 285 S.
  • Turn left onto W Gutierrez.
  • At the traffic circle, take the second right to be on Cities of Gold Rd.
  • Take the sharp right before the Pizza 9 to enter the parking lot of Pojoaque Supermarket.