Check In and Check Out Procedures

Before arrival at camp:

Each unit should hold a familiarization meeting with the Scouts and their parents. This is a good time to share details of camp, confirm schedules, answer questions, and to secure required paperwork, such as parental consent forms.

Make sure each Scout and adult has completed the Annual Health and Medical Record, available on This health form is good for one year. Part C is required for any event over 72 consecutive hours. Refer to the BSA policy at

Be prepared to arrive at camp Sunday between 1:00-4:00pm for check-in. The camp gate will be locked prior to 1:00 PM. Any earlier or later arrivals need to be communicated to the camp director prior to your arrival for safety and logistical reasons.

Bring sack lunches for Sunday, your first meal will be Sunday evening in the lodge.

Monday Arrivals:

We will accommodate any troop that chooses to arrive Monday. Troops arriving on Monday must alert the camp director of their intention and complete all of their registration process before arriving at camp. Check-in time for Monday arrival check-in begins at 7:00am and ends at 9:00am. The gate will be locked prior to 7:00am. Swim tests for Scouts arriving Monday will be held before their respective uses of the pool, whether for merit badge classes or free swims. Troops arriving on Monday should also have a leader attend the adult leader meeting on Monday at 9:00am to get filled in any camp program changes. Any missed program at camp will need to be made up by each respective Troop and Scout, by notifying the administration team about needed accommodations.

Items to Have Ready for Check-In:


  • A completed roster of all individuals attending camp including name and emergency contact numbers
  • Receipts for all camp fees paid (for payment reconciliation)

All Scouts

  • Medical forms for all individuals attending camp (sections A, B, & C). Copies are ideal, keep the originals at home. Any parents and visitors in camp are required to bring sections A & B.
  • Proof that each individual is either fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or has had a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival at camp. Home administered COVID-19 tests are acceptable, bring a time-stamped photo of the negative result.
  • Signed shooting sports waivers recommended for all Scouts. REQUIRED for those participating in archery, rifle, and shotgun merit badges and evening open shoots. The waiver is in the appendix.
  • Signed ASI/SVIA COVID-19 Waiver required for those participating in the ATV program.
  • Copies of any special needs forms that were submitted

Wristbands will be provided for all Scouts and leaders; Unit leaders will also receive a Gorham “Smart Card” with lanyard. Wristbands must be always worn as a security measure. All visitors, guests, and incoming leaders will be required to sign in at the camp office before entering camp. Should wristbands fall off new ones will be proved by the program director and camp director.


Schedule For the First Day (Sunday):







1:00 - 4:00 PM


*pack sack

lunches! The first meal provided is dinner*

Check-in begins @ check-in shelter in parking lot (early arrivals wait in parking lot)

Roster verification Wristbands

Campsite assignment

Merit badge class schedule verification Outstanding balances

Check-In Shelter


Medical record check (A, B, and C)

Check-In Shelter


Take gear to campsite and unload



By Appointment w/ Troop Guide

Dining Hall Tour

Steward/ Dining Hall Instruction

Dining Hall


By Appointment w/ Troop Guide

Swim tests/checks Buddy tag completion



5:00 PM

Scoutmaster and SPL meeting

Check-In Shelter


5:45 PM

Camp assembly and flag ceremony

Parade Field


6:00 PM




7:45 PM


Parade Field


8:00 PM

Opening campfire

Council Fire Ring


What is a troop guide?

Your troop guide is your camp staff best friend! When you arrive at camp they will give you a tour of camp, meet with you once a day whether at a meal or in your campsite, and teach you the tricks to life in camp. Need more soap?

Want to know the fastest way to merit badge class? Just need a listening ear? Your troop guide is here to help!

Move in:

To assure the safety of the units at camp and to minimize the impact on the environment and roads, troop equipment that needs to be moved by vehicles will be hauled in by camp staff. We recommend scouts plan to carry as much of their gear as possible to ease the move in process. Troop Trailers can be parked in designated areas at your campsite for the week.  They need to remain in place through the entire week and tow vehicles will remain in the parking lot.

Swim Classification Procedure:

Swim tests will be conducted on arrival day, during the check-in process. While troops are able to administer swim tests prior to summer camp, due to our high elevation, we require all tests to be completed in person at camp.

All youth and adult participants are designated as swimmer, beginner, or non-swimmer based on swimming ability confirmed by standardized BSA swim classification tests. Each group is assigned a specific swimming area with depths consistent with those abilities. The classification tests must be renewed annually.

Swimmers Test:

Jump feet-first into the water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating.

Beginners Test:

Jump feet-first into the water over the head in depth, level off, and swim 25 feet on the surface. Stop, turn sharply, resume swimming, and return to the starting place.


Anyone who has not completed either the beginner or swimmer tests will be classified as a non-swimmer.

Recommended Registration Timeline:

January/ February

All troop members and leaders schedule their health evaluation. Troops start collecting dues and fees from parents and Scouts.

March/ April

Scouts, with the approval of their Scoutmaster, select their merit badge schedule. Merit badge selections are completed online by the adult leader.


Troop committee collects all individual health forms.

MAY 31 camp fees are due to the Great Southwest Council.


Check on final transportation arrangements.

Dietary restriction communicated to camp director via Special Needs form submitted at least two weeks prior to arrival at camp (to allow time for specialty food to be ordered and delivered).


Check out is encouraged to be completed by 10:00am to allow our staff time to clean and reset camp while having a full 24 hours of time off before returning for the following week’s camp program. We understand packing up a week’s worth of supplies can be time consuming, and we are happy to accommodate. Please alert the camp director if you would like to check-out later than 10:00am.

Check-out begins at 6:00am Saturday at the welcome shelter in the parking lot. During check-out continental breakfast for everyone is available beginning at 7:00 AM in front of the lodge. If a unit intends to leave prior to check-out, they must make arrangements with the camp director at check-in. Before leaving camp, units must clear their campsite with their troop guide, commissioner, or camp ranger and may only leave once the campsite passes inspection. The troop SPL will alert their troop guide or commissioner the day before (Friday) when gear is anticipated to be cleared from the campsite and will be ready for the inspection. Units leaving facilities in an unsatisfactory condition may be assessed a fee for cleaning and/or repairs. Repairs due to damage of tents, platforms, or other camp property will be billed to the Troop at full replacement cost.

At check-out, a packet will be issued to the Scoutmaster containing the troop’s health forms, camp patches, Gorham staff applications, and a camp reservation form for the following summer. It will also contain each troop’s printed participant class schedule, which enumerates each Scout, their merit badge classes taken, their attendance, and their requirements completed at camp. If completed, it is listed as completed. If not completed, it will be listed as partial alongside the completed requirements. For Scouts participating in Trail-to-1st Class, a list of their requirements completed will be provided for the Scoutmaster to sign in their respective Scout Handbooks. In an effort to save paper and be eco-friendly, the blue cards can be accessed digitally via Tentaroo (the registration portal) and printed when each unit returns home. A camp evaluation form will be handed out at dinner on Thursday night. In order to receive the check-out, packet these evaluation forms must be filled out, one by the SPL based on the youth scouts’ feedback and one by the adults.

The shower house will be closed for cleaning on Saturday mornings beginning at 6:00am. Everyone is encouraged to shower before heading home, as a Scout is clean. Showering Friday night or bright-and-early Saturday morning works best and allows for us to prepare the shower house for the following week.

The trading post will be open on check-out day while our staff clean and do inventory. We encourage you to make your final purchases at the trading post on Friday