Your Campsite at Gorham

Your campsite is a special place at Gorham Scout Ranch as it will become your Troop’s home for the week. Scouts will create fellowship, make new friends, study merit badge work, and relax in the campsite. Adult leaders will provide a safe environment, counsel, encourage, and tutor Scouts there. Here are some details about the campsite that will help you plan for the best week of camp possible for your Troop.

Tents are made of canvas and sit on a wooden platform. The floor dimensions are 83” by 106”. The side walls are 30” tall. The peak is 75” tall. Two or three people can sleep in a tent, and cots are not provided. It is recommended that you bring a blue tarp, size 10’ x 12’, with tie down cords, to cover the tent for additional protection from the rain.

Amenities in each campsite include:

  • Vault toilets (two private stalls)
  • Toilet paper
  • Drinkable water
  • Handwashing station
  • Soap
  • At least one covered pavilion
  • Picnic tables under each pavilion
  • Fire rings (as long as there are no fire restrictions or bans)

There is no electricity in the campsite (for adults there are electrical outlets at the lodge). WiFi signal is not available in the campsite (for adults there is WiFi at the check-in shelter).

Wildlife Safety

Scouts have an opportunity to observe many types of wildlife in camp including deer, bats, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, mice and other rodents, birds, skunks, turkey, snakes, coyotes, amphibians, reptiles, and bears.

It is wise to remember that these animals are the permanent residents of the camp and bordering wilderness.  Therefore, treat all animals with respect and observe from a distance.

Come to camp with supplies to store all food in a secure place.

Do not follow, feed, tease, or handle wildlife.

If you discover a snake or an animal that is behaving strangely, please notify the camp staff immediately.

  • Please do not eat or store food and drinks in tents.
  • All food and drinks must be stored in a secure location such as:
    • Troop trailer
    • Bear proof storage container
    • Coolers that are strapped shut
    • 5-gallon buckets with screw-on lids
  • Do not cook in your campsite.
  • Keep your campsite clean! All trash should be removed from your campsite or secured each time leadership plans to leave the site unattended.
  • Before leaving camp for the day:
    • Have your Scouts’ police the site to pick up trash or dropped food.
    • Make sure all food and smellables are secured as noted above.
  • Before going to bed at night:
    • Make sure all food, trash, and smellables (if necessary) are stored in a secure location, generally more than 100 feet from tenting areas.
    • If dirty, wipe down your picnic tables to reduce food smells.
    • Make sure your Scouts keep their sleeping bags free of food smells by changing their clothes before going to bed and washing hands and faces.