Program Information

This guide lists the descriptions and schedules for all the activities available to your troop. Merit badges, special awards, adult activities, training, and High Adventure programs are all waiting for you to enjoy. “So, where do I begin?” To start, you should know that there are different types of activities to choose from:

Merit badges: These courses provide hands-on experience and the chance for Scouts to try something new. Scouts are expected to read the relevant Merit Badge pamphle and complete any written requirements prior to camp.

Trail to first class: This program is for the new Scout attending their first week-long summer camp. Activities provide the skills needed for a Scout to advance towards the First-Class rank.

Project COPE: A challenging team-building leadership program for older Scouts.

High adventure program: Perfect for Venturing Crews (co-ed crews are welcome!) and older Scouts. High adventure program emphasizes ATV, COPE, climbing  and white-water rafting.

ATV adventure: Explore camp on an all-terrain vehicle. Excellent older Scout program.

Special Programs: Additional fun and training opportunities for Scouts and adults.

Evening Programs: Fun does not stop after dinner. Whether it is a campfire or a hike, there is a host of possibilities for your troop and/or patrol to have a great time.

As you read the activity descriptions, you will notice special requirements or suggestions listed directly below. Some courses have size limits while others have age requirements. Just check each description for details. Also, some courses are longer than the one-hour block of time. These courses are noted in their descriptions and on the schedule. Some classes have additional fees for supplies & equipment which will be reflected on your registration and invoice

When working with your scouts on their merit badge class schedules please pay particular attention to the travel times between merit badges (a chart of travel times is included in the appendix).  For example, taking a Shooting Sports merit badge followed by a Nature area merit badge means approximately 18 minutes of travel time.  Instead schedule a merit badge in between these such as at the pool.  Or plan merit badges on one side of camp for the morning and on the other side for the afternoon.

The purpose of the Trail to First Class program is to provide your newer Scouts a more focused approach to help them develop the skills they need to advance to Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class. This will allow these Scouts to truly learn the skills, as well as give them potentially more time to earn other merit badges. The Trail to First Class Program is comprised of six different courses that are offered twice daily, except Swimming (Michael Phelps-offered once a day at 11:00am). You will be able to register a Scout for one or more of these classes using the Tentaroo program online to tailor fit a schedule for them.T
Project COPE is an experience like none other. This program, designed for older scouts 13 or older, will give participants the opportunity to challenge themselves, not just physically, but men- tally and spiritually through many different sets of challenges. Scouts will start the week by beginning the team building process with other participants that they will not be familiar with through initiative games. These games are designed to break the ice amongst all the group’s members as they become familiar with one another, themselves, and the group as a whole. As the week progresses, so will the challenges as participants make their way through our Low Ropes course and finally through our High Ropes Course. The scouts will complete their week by conquering the pinnacle of Project COPE: The Zipline


Low COPE—A combination of initiative games and low elements. Scouts begin by breaking the ice in a fun way. While doing this, they learn team members’ strengths, weaknesses, names, and personalities. It does not take long before these Scouts are challenged with the low elements of the course. Each team will navigate tight wires and scale walls using the skills and ingenuity of the group to meet the goal.

High COPE— Once a team dynamic is built and trust is formed, the team can move on to challenges of a more personal nature. Whether its jumping from a forty-foot pole or flying through the air on the zip-line, Scouts will gain confidence to do what they never thought possible. In addition, each team member learns the valuable skill of belaying a climber. Scouts put their trust in each other to reach personal goals and new heights.


Project COPE emphasizes 8 goals of personal and team growth that the participants will utilize in order to complete these challenges and show the participants how these goals translate into overcoming challenges and build team cooperation in future endeavors. These 8 goals include: Communication, Trust, Leadership, Problem Solving, Planning, Teamwork, Decision Making and Self-Esteem. If your Scouts have been looking for a high adventure challenge or maybe you have been looking for a way to build confidence in your youth leaders, then Project COPE is the program for your Scouts. The change seen in youth after only one week is tremendous. What’s more, the lessons learned will stay with your Scouts as they become young adults, applying the knowledge gained in Project COP

Dirt and horsepower — what’s not to love?


Scouts and Venturers can learn how to safely drive an all-terrain vehicle at Gorham Scout Ranch in the summer of 2023 The aim of the ATV activities is safety and teaching Scouts basic operation of the vehicle while respecting the environment. Scouts or Venturers must be age 14 or older to drive an ATV, and the program requires youth to wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and over-the-ankle boots. Protective gear, including a helmet, will be provided by the Gorham Scout Ranch program. There is a $40 fee for this program to cover supplies and maintenance. This program will be led by an ASI (American Safety Institute) certified instructor. Over the course of five days, participants will learn safety procedures, vehicle care/maintenance, how to drive an ATV, and the culminating in trail rides into the seldom-seen areas of Gorham Scout Ranch. The ATV Adventure is a week-long program that is a 90-minute course daily. The ATV Adventure is offered at 8:30am, 10:30am, and 1:30pm. Please note Friday will be used as the ATV trail ride day PROIR TO ARRIVING AT CAMP a free (no purchase needed) 2-hour ATV e-course certificate is required from all Scouts and adults wanting to participate. Search ASI ATV e-course and it will come up. Bring the certificate and the completion ID number to class on the first day. Link: $40 per participant

Shooting Sports are one of the most popular programs at Gorham


Gorham Scout Ranch (Great Southwest Council) is conducting a Scouting Firearms Safety and Marksmanship program. Scouts will be instructed how to handle, maintain, and shoot a firearm safely and be provided instruction to increase their marksmanship skills. Scouts will have classroom instruction and range instruction in which they will fire a firearm under the supervision of a trained Range Safety Officer and NRA certified instructor. Scouts will be required to wear eye protection and ear protection at all times while on the range. Scouts are expected to abide by all safety rules and the instructions of the Range Safety Officer(s) and instructor(s).

All participants, both merit badge registrants in archery, rifle, and shotgun and those participating in evening open shoots must have a completed " Scouting Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Program Participation and Hold Harmless Agreement" on file at the Camp Office. The form can either be filled out online or printed and brought to camp.

On-Line Form Downloadable PDF